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Do we need a pool? Do you have a location? Where do you teach?

No, you do not need a pool. You can come to us in our warm 92 degrees indoor specially designed custom lesson pool. We are easily located off Scott Rd & the 215.

How much are your lessons?

We do our best to stay competitive in this business because at the end of the day, it is our goal to produce as many happy, confident, and safe swimmers as we can. 

We have very competitive prices and actually are the least expensive in the area for Swim Lessons, especially for the class lengths. We are constantly checking to make sure we are offering the most for your money.

Swim Safe Aquatics is different, because we charge for the time, NOT per student, which dramatically cuts cost. We offer discounts for multiple days and you can also check out our Yelp, Facebook or Instagram for different offers. 

We LOVE referrals and offer a discount to anyone who refers a client. 

We are also working on a scholarship fund as well. 

What are your certifications?

  • WSI
  • Pro CPR and Pro First Aid Certified & Certified Trainer/Instructor
  • AED and Oxygen Certified Trainer/Instructor
  • Blood Borne Pathogen Certified & Certified Trainer/Instructor
  • Lifeguard And Lifeguard  Certified Trainer/Instructor
  • Swim Float Swim Certified Instructor
  • Swim Float Swim Certified Trainer
  • Infant Aquatic Specialist Certified Teacher 

What is your training?

April (the owner) has been blessed by having some of the best instructors, coaches, and mentors in the swimming and teaching world. Honestly, teaching swim is her whole world, second to being a Mom.

She started her training at just 3 years old, with the Olympic gold medalist and the first woman to swim the English Channel, Greta Anderson. Greta is also the creator of the Swim Float Swim method. April trained with her for 10 years and was graciously given the opportunity to become an assistant teacher at age 11 with her. 

At age of 4, April started training simultaneously with the late but great triathlete and Olympic Schwimmer (spelled phonetically on how he used to say it), Klaus Barth for 16 years. Also starting at age four, she was trained by the Olympic Water Polo Player and Coach Ricardo Azevedo for 16 years as well. His son and her lifelong friend, Tony Azevedo,  is the Captain of the USA Men's Olympic Water Polo team. 

In high school, April was an assistant coach and helped train incoming swimmers and prepare them for the swim team test to join the team.

At the age of 20, April was blessed to be hired on with Ginny Flahive. She opened her eyes to a whole new world of teaching. She is a trailblazer in the swimming community and because of her training and mentoring, April is a better instructor. 

April prides herself on the fact that  she has a proven method, that she was taught with at the age of 3, and started using the same teaching methods at age 11, including more training at the age 20. 

The Swim Float Swim method has taught COUNTLESS children to swim. My version of the method has taught countless amounts of infants, children, and adults to be water safe. I have used this method on my own daughters, my friend's children and family member's children. My method is a combination of all that I have learned over the many years I have been teaching. Plus I have a  compassionate and loving approach to each student, and EVERY lesson is individualized and customized to each student.  And I bring that to you! I have created my own tried and true method, the Swim Safe Method! 


24 years of Competitive Swim and Water Polo Experience

25 years Teaching Experience

Swim Float Swim Method

29 years experience working with Special Needs & Children with disabilities. 

Is my child ready or old enough? What if my child cries? Or has cried in previous swim lessons?

If your child is crawling or scooting, they're old enough. If you live near a pool or water, your child is old enough. Children as young as 4 months have made their way into the pool. Not only that, but you've probably heard a million times, kids can drown in just a few inches of water. Water-Safety does not only apply to the pool or ocean.

For Example: I had one mother who was bathing her son, turn around for just a few seconds to grab something from under the cabinet, in that short amount of time, the child fell face first, when the mother heard the splash, she quickly turned back around, she went to reach for him and before she got her hands on him, he had turned onto his back. He was upset and crying, but he saved himself. He was only 2 months old! 

There's No Crying in Swimming...Okay, maybe that's just Baseball. But it should apply to swimming and swim lessons as well!

What if we told you, your child could enjoy swim lessons. That they would be excited to go AND without the tears...or pulling at your heartstrings! What if we told you, you can have all of that, and still see your child show amazing progress!!!

At Swim Safe Aquatics in Menifee, we take a fun and compassionate approach to getting your child water safe. With over 20 years of experience & training, we know how to customize each lesson to your child's needs and abilities. Our goal is to get your child water safe and still have a love and a respect for the water. We do that by understanding your child's strengths & fears and building their confidence. And by doing that, we have amazing results, without having to put your child through "boot camp" style lessons. 

What if they do cry?

I know it is never easy to see our littles cry. I cried during lessons, and look at me now. My oldest also cried, and it wasn't easy, It truly hurts our heart. Swimming can be scary because it is the fear of the unknown and if your child hasn't built a relationship with their instructor, it makes it even scarier. But learning to swim is a necessary skill, especially with so many pools in California. Drowning is responsible for more deaths among children 1-4 than any other cause except congenital anomalies (birth defects). Among those 1-14, fatal drowning remains the second-leading cause of unintentional injury-related death behind motor vehicle crashes (Source from the CDC)

It's not like soccer or t-ball where if they don't learn the rules or don't learn to play the game, it could cost them their life or serious injury. Children learn even if they are crying (not hysterics). It eventually stops when they learn what they can do and gain confidence. I am compassionate and try to understand the reason behind the tears. I will push a child only as far as I feel they are comfortable. If they are having an extremely emotional day, we may discuss ending the lesson early. Although, we try to never end a lesson early due to crying (always want to end on a positive note), sometimes it is necessary for the emotional well being of the child. However, sometimes the tears are a form of controlling the situation, for many different factors and in that case, we will keep going, if you the parent feels comfortable. 

Our goal is to never traumatize, scare, bully or make a child "submit" to us. We also never need to "burp" a child or try to make them throw up. If they are swallowing that much water, then something isn't right.  

We work with your child to build him up and make them a HAPPY, CONFIDENT, & SAFE swimmer! That is the Swim Safe Method difference! 

Life Skills

Is it okay that my child just uses floaties or a floaty suit or some other swim assisted device?

No, they are not okay to use. Not only do those cause a false sense of confidence and courage, they can also be dangerous! Floatie Suits not only give a child false confidence, they can also tip them forward and the child won't be able to get back up. Also, a lot of the floatie pads are removable, which turns it into a normal suit when the child is "ready". Children may or may not notice the pads are not in there, put the suit on and jump into the pool. Also, floaties can pop, deflate, or the child may think they don't need them and jump in. These "swim assist" items teach children a bad habit of swimming with their head up. It makes getting them to swim with their face in the water and learn side breathing more difficult down the road, in most cases. It also causes most children to lead w/ their hands instead of their feet.

Why don't I just wait for Summer for my child to learn to swim?

Why not have them pool safe by next Summer, instead of putting them through lessons all Summer? Only to have them not be able to utilize their new skills till next Summer. Often times, children who only take swim lessons during the Summer, repeat the same skills over and over each year, rarely learning new skills. It's a HUGE waste of money. I have many students that swim in the off-season and then take Summers off. 

Plus with our pool being heated to 92 degrees and covered in the winter months, it is never too cold to swim. 

Swimming provides great exercise and builds confidence! 

Do you have insurance?

YES! ABSOLUTELY! You cannot be in this business (legally), without it. Our insurance policy not only covers our location, but any location we teach at.

If you have any questions or would like to view it, please feel free to contact us. 

Do you use chlorine in your pool

No, we do not. We use a combination of a sand filter, salt water pump and copper ion technology to clean the pool and keep it safe and natural to swim in. 

This means, no irritation to the eyes or skin and no discoloration to the hair. 

We actually use ZERO chemicals in the pool, out in the yard, or in our home. It is a 100% safe and natural environment. 

Do you teach Adults?

OF COURSE WE DO!!! We cater to your individual needs in a calm and relaxing environment. 

How do we sign up?

You can register online below, give us a call  at 951-226-7526, use our Contact Form or send us an email at 


All of our forms and registration is done online. So no printing anything out! We strive to make everything as easy as possible.