Special Needs Swim Lessons in Lake Elsinore

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Abby says two thumbs up for Adaptive Swim Lessons in Lake Elsinore at Swim Safe Aquatics

At Swim Safe Aquatics, we understand you go through MANY struggles during the day. Finding a place to teach your amazing child to swim, shouldn't be one of them! We understand your child and will provide the best possible lesson for him or her. We are here to help! 

Our Experience


We have been working with Special Needs children, adolescents & adults for over 20 years! Our passion started in 3rd grade when the owner started volunteering with the kindergarten special needs class.  Her passion grew  through the years, she continued to dedicate her time to the special needs classes & attending their activities. When she started teaching swim lessons in 1993, she immediately asked to take on all her mentors' special needs students. She took her training even farther by volunteering to learn, train and teach at her local community hospital's swim program. Since then she has been the lead special needs instructor at several swim schools, trained instructors on how to teach special needs & trained other swim school's instructors on how to teach Special Needs & Adaptive Swim Lessons. 

In 2003, the owner graduated with her degree in Special Needs Education & in 2004, became a Physical Therapist Assistant. 

We can teach EVERYONE!


No matter yours or your child's disability, that cannot stop them or you from learning. Nor us from teaching them or yourself to be water safe! We can teach all ages and all ranges of disabilities. 

  • Speech and/ or language delays
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Cognitive delays
  • Social & emotional disorders
  • Learning differences/disabilities
  • ADHD & ADD
  • Down Syndrome
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Spina Bifida

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