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Real People, Real Reviews - Comments from Our Survey

Julie T. (Special Needs Parent)

I Love How April is very patient with my special needs son. He can be a handful at times. 

Nicole H.

 Teaching method was considerate of my sons needs and fears. 

Dennis V.

 Instructor (April) explained everything and tries to make me comfortable since I don't know how to swim. She is also great with babies, my daughter (15 months) is also taking swim classes.

Alisha B.

Loved that it was at my son's speed and she had alternates if he was not loving how we were holding him.

Shannon F. (Special Needs Parent)

 April was very patient and knew exactly how to help my son and get him involved in the lesson. I like her method and understand how floaties and other items can impede the teaching.

So far, everything is great. We love April and how she works with our son.

Caitlin M.

 I felt she was very personable and made both my boys comfortable being at different stages, I love how she is taking it slow and going at their own pace

Even though we were there for a little amount of time (evaluation) it was a good experience and loved how she let me stay and watch the next class, so I could see how everything works. Looking forward for our classes.

Susan B.

Kids had a great time! So great Jacob (my fearful son) got into the pool! 

Cassandra K.

 Neither of my kids cried and we are happy to come back.  That was not the way the past swimming lessons have gone. 

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